• Happiness, Love & Freedom

    for EveryBody.

  • What we're all about.

    Spreading Love, Joy & Peace through Dance, Music & Mindfulness.

    Our Vision

    Love • Peace • Humanity

    Using the creative arts as a mechanism for change and multi-level transformation, our vision is to inspire, uplift and elevate people and discover their personal power through joy, and create integrated communities through dance, music and mindfulness. We envision a world thriving on love, joy and peace–through the gifts, skills, talents and abilities of creative practitioners around the globe whom desire to share their heart, passion and creative potential–for the benefit, welfare and wellbeing of society. Ultimately, we desire to create a healthier, happier and more peaceful world by improving human functionality, sustainable systems and a greater unified humanity.

    Our Mission

    Health • Happiness • Wellbeing

    Through providing joyful, interactive and transformational arts experiences, we desire to enhance the livelihood of people around the world. Through arts programs and workshops, we intend to activate and improve self- and social connection, awareness, expression and communication, to enhance holistic health, personal esteem and more open and compassionate relating. We believe in the freedom to be your own unique and autonomous person in the world and–through nurturing, care and a great deal of creative inspiration–thriving to become your greatest self, growing in love and making the world a better place by starting with the betterment of You.

    Our Butterflies

    Express • Discover • Transform

    Children • Disability • Marginalised Communities


    Found in schools and organisations to family and social groups, our Butterflies are people whom desire a good, solid, therapeutic dose of fun, artistic connection and authentic expression. As advocates of unity and integrating community versus perceiving individuality through a lens of ‘difference,’ we encourage togetherness of all people by providing non-exclusive participation and welcome everyBody to join in the fun. Each of our experiences are open to all people of all orientation (though we may use certain terminology to specify the intention for a particular program.)

  • Children

    Tiny Tots to Teens

    Ages 3–12 & 13–18

    To enhance self & social awareness and promote balanced emotion, socialisation & behaviour, our children's programs integrate mindfulness to develop healthy minds and bodies to create a better future.


    Tiny Tots to Mature Aged

    Ages 4+

    Though we prefer to say "people of all abilities," our disability programs focus on living fully: having fun, socially integrating & connecting, enhancing motor, cognitive & relational abilities and being & feeling holistically free.

    Marginalised Communities

    Bringing People Together

    All Ages

    Enhancing emotional, integrative and collective wellbeing, we focus on building personal awareness and healthy social connecting for improved and sustainably functioning, thriving community livelihood.


    Our focus is on providing joyful, self-empowering and socially-connective dance, music & mindfulness experiences specially designed for the needs and desires of children, disability and community projects.

    Dance for Young People with Disability

    For ages 16–30

    When: September 2–October 21, 2017

    Where: Brisbane, Australia

    Are you ready to get groovin'?

    Want us to host a workshop or program for you?

    Schools • Organisations • Events

    Interested to host a dance, singing, drumming, movement or mindfulness workshop or program in Australasia?

  • LOVE

    ❤ Special testimonials from our Butterflies ❤

    "She hasn’t stopped talking about it..."

    – Anne, Brisbane

    Thank you for providing my daughter with such a wonderful and enjoyable experience. She hasn’t stopped talking about it and is telling everyone how much fun she had... It was so encouraging to see her laughing and trying so hard to follow your instructions.

    "Lots of fun and new friends..."

    – Kath, Brisbane

    We love The BEP! So great to see this type of program right on our doorstep. It’s long overdue. Lots of fun and new friends – looking forward for what’s in store for Semester 2!


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