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    It all started when...

    There was once a little girl who didn't do anything but dance, sing and play. She constantly felt how much joy, love and inspiration movement, music and art brought to her life, and hoped she could experience this power of fun forever.


    But when she 'grew up,' she forgot the impact these gifts gave her, and how much they truly inspired her with life and balanced her health & wellbeing. She rediscovered the power of the arts when she was older, and was invigorated with her full, thriving potential, energy, inherent joy and inner power.


    She then had a vision to use dance, music and integrative mindfulness to bring thriving joy, health & wellbeing to the people in the world. She knew the arts' ability to inspire, empower & uplift people of all backgrounds, uniting everybody, and create a thriving world of love, joy and peace.


    So, The Butterfly Effect Project was hatched, with the dream to transform our humanity with vitality and life and revert to natural ways of enhancing health & wellbeing, unity and general livelihood, restoring all-things-good for our world.

  • What we're all about.

    Inspiring lives through the arts.

    Our Mission

    Health + Wellbeing • Integrative Intervention • Power of the Arts​

    Through providing joy-enhancing, interactive and transformational dance & music workshops/programs specially designed for the holistic development of youth & community, we desire to enhance the holistic health, wellbeing and inherent potential of people across the world. Activating and improving self-awareness & social connection, we use the arts to enhance the inner experience and overall development of children, encouraging them to be in effective harmony with themselves and others. Through the inspiration, heartfelt care and creative potential of our talented facilitators, we aim to instil a strong sense of personal power, joy, fun, love & connection, sharing and inherent personal thriving.

    Our Vision

    A Thriving, Happy & Healthy, Peaceful Humanity

    Using the creative arts as a mechanism for personal and social change, our vision is to inspire, invigorate and uplift every person we engage through dance & music to collectively thrive. We envision a world where people flourish wholly in joy, relate consciously to each other with love, and embody inner peace, where health & wellbeing is cultivated and happily balanced, and people's lives & futures are given the greatest opportunity. Creating such a reality begins with early intervention in children's lives, and co-creatively working with leading organisations whose initiative is to instil the greatest potential in their people. Hence, using the arts to develop a strong sense-of-self and community, we hope to ignite a multi-scale evolution–starting with positively affecting and influencing each person–to create a sustainable, worldwide Butterfly Effect, elevating a happier, higher-functioning and more resilient society.

    Our Delivery

    Youth, Community & Global Organisations • Specialised Workshops + Programs

    We collaborate and partner with youth + community organisations to deliver innovative, game-changing and therapeutic arts workshops and programs. Enhancing the overall human condition and experience physiologically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and relationally, our holistically integrative experiences aim to provide enhanced benefits (on top of the natural benefits) of dance and music. Implementing mindfulness, personally-developmental and socially-integrating activities via a creative experience, in a fun and integrative way, we aim to rebalance the natural health & wellbeing of each person while teaching and instilling the tools every human-being requires to live, lead and create a healthy, happy and successful life and future.

  • Meet our Butterflies.

    Evolving in all ways, always.


    Ages 2–8+

    Every child deserves to live a truly inspired life. To reinstate joy, fun and balanced health & wellbeing in our children, our experiences aim to develop open, healthy and happy minds & bodies through the arts & integrative mindfulness, enhancing self & social awareness, and promote healthy emotional & social behaviour.

    All Abilities

    With and Without Disability

    Though we prefer to say children of "all abilitis," our disability experiences focus on independence, self-empowerment, social connection and fun: integrating, enhancing motor, cognitive & relational abilities, and being & feeling holistically happy, joyful and free.

    Marginalised Communities


    Enhancing emotional, integrative and collective wellbeing, we focus on building personal awareness and healthy social connecting for improved and sustainably functioning, thriving community livelihood.


    We provide dance workshops, music jams and creative mindfulness experiences for people of all orientation.


    Our integrative and therapeutic arts workshops & programs are specially-designed to enhance the personal wellbeing & social integration of our participants.

    If you are an organisation, school or enterprise

    seeking to empower your members in a fun, wholesome & integrative way


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  • LOVE

    ❤ Special Testimonials ❤

    "She hasn’t stopped talking about it..."

    – Anne, Brisbane

    Thank you for providing my daughter with such a wonderful and enjoyable experience. She hasn’t stopped talking about it and is telling everyone how much fun she had... It was so encouraging to see her laughing and trying so hard to follow your instructions.

    "Lots of fun and new friends..."

    – Kath, Brisbane

    We love The BEP! So great to see this type of program right on our doorstep. It’s long overdue. Lots of fun and new friends – looking forward for what’s in store for Semester 2!


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